Mushroom Risotto

A typical dark night in winter and the kitchen window is rattling from the wind and the rain. Mrs W. is out herding brownies so we will be having dinner late. I decide to make what I believe to be her very favourite thing for supper …risotto.

It’s such a handy dish for hoovering up whatever might be lurking in the fridge (leftover chicken, bacon, leeks, ham, Parmesan ends and frozen peas often feature in mine). Today there are mushrooms, better still they are chestnut ones which i think always look tastier then their pale cousins. There is chicken stock in the fridge too, you can tell its a good batch because it has set to a firm jelly. A dash of Mushroom Ketchup and a glug of vermouth adds depth to the stock.

Just as I serve up I remember the christmas present I was given from my brother in law…

… a sprinkling of magic to finish the dish. Cheers Jim!


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