Raspberry Macarons

I have been wanting to bake macarons for a while and inspired by the wonderful creations by Edward Kimber, Aran Goyoaga and Helene Dujardin I decided to have a crack at making my own. Pierre Herme is the undisputed master of this elegant confection and the recipe for the rose shells are from his book “Macaron” (soon to be released in English) and can be found here.

They were not as hard to make as I thought they would be (even though I have never used a piping bag before) but I did pick up a few hints that seemed to help.

  • I “aged” my egg whites before use by leaving them covered with a clean tea towel at room temperature for 24 hours.
  • Don’t over boil the syrup before adding to the egg whites (use a cooking thermometer…this is mine).
  • Leave the piped macarons to dry for 30 minutes before baking (the surfaces should be dry to the touch).
  • Once the macarons are baked remove the  parchment from the baking sheets so the macarons do not overcook.
  • Do not remove the macarons from the parchment until they are fully cooled.

I made a raspberry buttercream to fill the rose macaron shells. A handful of fresh raspberries were blitzed using a stick blender and the puree passed through a sieve to remove the seeds.  Butter (160g) and  icing sugar (320g) were beaten in the Kenwood until pale and creamy and the raspberry puree added. However I added too much raspberry and my buttercream split and became sloppy! I managed to rescue the filling by beating in additional icing sugar.

I was pleased with the final result and they tasted as good as they looked. We ate several whilst watching the rugby yesterday and they made a great gift for the birthday dinner Mrs W. and I went to afterwards. Unfortunately I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t manage to post this in time for the mactweets blogroll for macaron bakers.  Oh well… maybe next time.


12 thoughts on “Raspberry Macarons

  1. Wow these are fabulous for first time macs. Well, for any time macs! Fabulously perfect! So glad you found your way to Mactweets and so hope that you join us every month! Looking forward to more of your mac creations.

    And I also watched the rugby yesterday – rooted on the new Champs the French :-)

  2. Your first attempt… fabulous Marv! They are ever so pretty! Sorry to hear you got late. In the true spirit of Le Du Jour Macaron, we’ll add your beautiful macs to the round-up as a special case!

    • Edd,
      Thanks for the feedback… I am very flattered. I think your blog is fabulous!
      The credit should really be yours…I had your post open on my Iphone every step of the way! I am a big fan of the italian meringue …it seems really stable.
      I have to admit I found filling the piping bag quite tricky as the mixture was REALLY sticky! lt probably did not help that I didn’t know how to assemble the bag properly so half of the shells were piped after my nozzle fell off!

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