A Lemon Trilogy Part 3: Lemon Macarons

After the success of my Raspberry Macarons I decided to complete the ‘Lemon Trilogy’ by making Lemon Macarons for this month’s ‘Easter’ Mactweets theme.  The recipe for the shells are adapted from the Rose Macaron shells I made previously.  I omitted the red food colouring and added 2 tsp of pure lemon oil to the ground almonds, otherwise the recipe is the same. The lemon oil gave a lovely lemon fragrance and flavour to the shells but without the unwanted acidity.

I seemed to master the piping bag much better this time thanks to hints from Bonnie and a really useful macaron template from Deeba’s blog that I placed under the baking parchment. This resulted in much more uniformly sized shells. Some of the shells came out from the oven a bit pale so I think next time I will bake them for a minute or so more as I preferred the crisper golden shells.

The macarons were filled with homemade lemon curd (from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook) the tartness of which contrasted nicely with the richness of the shells.  They made great Easter gifts for our neighbours (who were entertaining family over the holiday weekend so were glad for some ready made petit fours!).


12 thoughts on “A Lemon Trilogy Part 3: Lemon Macarons

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  2. How wonderful that you made them for your neighbours. Love how perfect they came out. Glad the template helped. You write you added 2 tsp lemon oil to the macronage? How surprising that it didn’t affect the macs! Citrus is right up my street; I’d love to be your neighbour!!
    Thanks for joining Jamie & me at Mactweets! Wonderful to have you on!!

    • My neighbours didnt get them all! they made for great snacks while waiting at the airport! The italian meringue seems to really help keep the mix stable, adding the lemon oil (to the almond mix) didn’t seem to make any difference.

  3. Oooh sorry it has taken me a bit of time to check out your macs but they are beautiful! And I can just taste that lemon! Wow! You make perfect macs and the lemon is perfect. Lemon oil? Really? I have got to try that. Thanks so much for baking these delicious macs for mactweets!

  4. Bonnie,
    The flavour from the lemon oil in the shells was quite subtle, certainly when compared to the lemon curd – more of a warm hint and fragrance than a strong flavour. The lemon curd caused to macs to soften quite quickly, they were very yummy (as the lemon curd started to infuse into the shells) but quite squidgy the next day after filling them.

  5. Hi! Your macarons have such a lovely shape and consistency! I’d like to get hold of that template but the link no longer seems to be working. Would you be able to email me a copy if possible? Thanks heaps!

    • Liz,

      Sorry its taken me so long to reply. Blogwise I have been out of the office for a few weeks. Aparrently the page I linked to is now closed so I will have to delve into my files at home to see if still have a copy fo the pdf. If not I can scan my (slightly grubby) printed copy of the template that I keep in the kitchen.

      Hopefully I can email it to you later this week.

  6. Hi Marv,

    When you say you put the macaron template underneath your baking paper (parchment I assume), did you leave the template there and baked it, or did you carefuly slide it out before baking?

    Thank you!

    • Hi ruby,

      I put the template under the baking parchment before piping the mixture. Once you have piped your macarons remove the template by carefully sliding it out from under your parchment before putting them in the oven.

      Hope this helps!

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