Noma… World’s Best?

I was lucky enough to have the best meal of my life at Noma earlier this year. There are rumors that’s it’s in line to be awarded the No.1 spot in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants(organised by Restaurant Magazine) tonight following in the footsteps of El Bulli, The Fat Duck  and The French Laundry.

I have to admit to mixed feelings about this

… on one hand I really, really hope it’s true as the Chef Redzepi and his team deserve all the recognition going for what they have created.

… however I worry that it will probably also mean that mere mortals like myself will stand no chance of getting a reservation and experiencing Noma’s unique experience (I would love to be proved wrong about the latter… please keep the online booking system!). This would be a shame as its the most pretension free fine dining restaurant I have ever eaten in.

If anyone can figure out why it’s only got 2 Michelin stars let me know…

Update: rumours were true… my warmest congratulations to the Noma crew!


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