Chocolate Bread and Barbeque

It’s been a really great weekend, the weather was lovely and I managed to get quite a bit done in the vegetable patch. We also had the first barbeque of the year in the garden (including giant sirloin steaks from butchers extraordinaire …  Orr’s of Holywood).

Unfortunately its Monday now and I’m back at work … the rest of the country it seems has today off as well but not me. The upside is as soon as I get home it will be barbeque time again.

So to the chocolate bread … not much to say about this really … apart from the fact that David Leibovitz is a genius! When I mentioned reading about this confection to Mrs W. she appeared somewhat keen to sample it.  Not wanting to disappoint, I made this as the last act of a near perfect weekend.  I didn’t deviate much from the recipe except to substitute the chopped nuts for home made praline.

I made the praline by scorching blanched hazelnuts and brown sugar in a non stick pan until caramelized (but not burned). The sticky nuts were left to cool on greaseproof paper and chopped roughly in the food processor.  The resulting loaf has a deep chocolate flavour and firm texture … would be perfect with morning coffee.

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Bread and Barbeque

  1. Wow–the bread looks really tasty. What a great idea. Chocolate at breakfast always feels really luxurious, doesn’t it?

    I came over to your blog after seeing a comment on London Eater–I met him at last year’s Food Blogger Connect conference and was really impressed by his photography advice. He inspired me to make a conscious effort to take better photos. As a result, I built a light box to help with my evening shooting. I cook mostly at night and I was finding that all my photos taken at night were useless. Making the light box was easy and has made a hugh difference. maybe it might help you out as well. (It’s a pretty good bridge to when I can afford to buy some really fancy lighting stuff!)

  2. Yummm…chocolate bread and coffee for breakfast. Your recipe sounds delicious, if I could only get up the energy to bake one.

    Your barbeque sounds like a good idea too. I am reading this at the end of summer, so I guess I will be planning my final cookout of the season. Maybe I will impress my friends with this bread.

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