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It’s been so long since I have posted that while chatting to somebody this week I remembered that I used to occasionally post to this blog. The fact is that my life has changed and continues to change since I last posted. To summarise the following events have occurred:

Mrs W had our second child
I got seriously fed up with my job, cooking and life in general (this phase lasted quite some time and wasn’t particularly dignified so my sincere thanks go to Mrs W for her tolerance and understanding)
I decided to do something about the job
I got a new job in a new country
Mrs W started work on our third child
I moved to said new country without Mrs W to start new job

And that’s just about where things stand. I’m still in a bit of a cooking rut but that has more to do with having nobody to cook for (cue sad music!) allied to the pathetic kitchen facilities in my pokey studio flat than anything else so once the family is over and we have moved into our new house with our new kitchen I imagine my enthusiasm will return. In the meantime I am enjoying my new food culture in Germany. Yes I have moved to GERMANY … land of black forest gateau, currywurst, leibkuchen, gl├╝hwein and variations on themes of cabbage. My children will be going to a real KINDERGARTEN.

I miss my wife and my girls … It’s lonely out here… Welling up… Enough said.

Foodwise I didn’t know quite what to expect but I have been very pleasantly surprised. The bread here is really is fantastic, the quality and variety is amazing! It just goes to show what utter rubbish we buy in the UK. With the bread i’ve also been on a bit of a soup kick recently…the Germans take soup very seriously. During my limited shopping forays (new job means i’ve been doing long days in an effort to get myself established so not too much time for shopping) I have been very impressed at the produce…fresh porcini in the supermarket? Mmm….yes please!

Drinkwise ….it’s bloody GERMANY so of course the beer is good beyond my wildest imaginings.

So things are looking up, I’m enjoying the new job and will (due to the enlightened attitude of my new employers to flexible working and no work commute) have significantly more time to spend with my family in our new house and hopefully plenty of time to rediscover the cooking bug.

And when that happens maybe I’ll get off my fat arse and post about it…. Although we are going to Spain for a holiday quite soon so perhaps I’ll just post up some some gratuitous ice cream photography before then.


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