Underground Restaurant ‘pops up’ in Brixton Village Project

Two projects that have captured my interest recently happened to cross paths. 

Spacemakers takes empty units and ‘slack spaces’ and breathes life back into recession hit areas by creating pop up shops and cafes. They have started a with a a 1930s market arcade in Brixton, joining forces with London & Associated Properties PLC and Lambeth Council to fill the empty shop units in Granville Arcade/Brixton Village indoor market. An old friend from my door to door book selling days Douglad Hine heads up this project. More info can be found in their blog.

They ran a ‘foodie’ event for their grand opening and it just happens that one of a favorite food blogger of mine, Mrs Marmitelover, who runs The Underground Restaraunt (at which I plan to dine when I can next get to the capital) took up a stall for the day …. hey presto there was a pop up restaurant…. all profits going to the unfortunate in Haiti.

Projects like this demonstrate the capacity that ordinary people have to improvise, create and make a difference to themselves and others.  Get involved and support if you can. In these recession afflicted times …this is the way forward.



7 Jan 2010,  Mrs W’s birthday treat Part 1. A restaurant worth a special trip.

The food was almost entirely wonderful, the service a touch too fawning. Overall it was terrific value for money as a package alongside sumptuous accommodation. Pre-dinner drinks and a morning pot of tea brought to our room in the garden house was a nice touch considering the temperature outside had got down to -10°C.

We were treated to several courses of Michelin starred magnificence.

Canapes: Venison skewers (lovely), olives, ham terrine, goats cheese, parsnip crisps

Chefs Surprise Savoury: Pumpkin and Parmesan soup (creamy and rich…v good)


Mr W: Pan fried seafood (perfectly cooked), white wine & chervil nage, oscistra caviar, baby bok choi & herb gnocchi

Mrs W: Polenta, sauteed ceps & chinese artichoke



Mr W: Roast Loin of Wild Venison, braised red cabbage, Ratte potato purée, blackberry vinegar & sloe gin (excellent with lovely rich autumn flavours)

Mrs W: Slow Cooked Rib Eye of Scotch Beef (too pink for Mrs W when she is expecting!) , steamed suet pudding, roast baby carrots, parsley tuber purée


Pre-dessert: Hazelnut foam, hazelnut ice cream


Assiette of Desserts to share comprising:

Pinenut Custard, pear sorbet, rum bubble, brown sugar puree

Devil’s Food Cake, pumpkin cream (a bit odd), chestnut mousse

Prune & Armagnac Souffle, prune & Armagnac ice cream (With Mrs W expecting I got this booze fest to myself!)

Mississippi Mud Pie, mandarin sorbet, frozen chocolate powder, pistachio soil (best dish of the evening with stunning contrasts between the rich chocolate pie and the clean, fresh mandarin sorbet)


Coffee, Chocolates & Petits Fours (only poor note in almost the whole meal was a quite unpleasant cinnamon jelly truffle…fabulous chocolates and pate fruits though otherwise)

Wines by the glass (Firefinch Sauvignon Blanc 2009 Robertson and Mad Fish 2008 Pinot Noir) were both excellent.